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Welcome! ¡Hola! Üdv! Hello! Shalom! Yasou! Sawubona! Hallo! Bonjour! Konichiwa! nuqneH! My name is



cybernetic entomologist, master of Suspicion Driven Development (SDD)

Actually a developer & UI / UX enthusiast by day, and to be honest: pretty much the same at night.

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You can reach me via skype (tomzorz at outlook dot com) or mail (me at tomzorz dot me). The first address is also my main Microsoft account.


Hello! My name is Tamás Deme, and I am active in various fields:
  • Windows application development,
  • Web development & sitebuilding (mostly front-end work),
  • UI/UX design.
Currently I work as a Windows platform specialist at Lufthansa Systems Hungary. Since 2015 january, I'm a Windows Phone Microsoft MVP.

Aside from the serious business I also have some other fun projects, like home automation with motion and voice control. I'm really interested in processing natural language and gestures in-air or on a touch screen, or to be a little more generic: I want to combine all the best of today's tech to create something that can reshape the future.