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Welcome! ¡Hola! Üdv! Hello! Shalom! Yasou! Sawubona! Hallo! Bonjour! Konichiwa! nuqneH! My name is



the c#/.net developer immersed in Emerging Experiences (EE)

Actually a developer & UI / UX enthusiast by day, and to be honest: pretty much the same at night.

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You can reach me via skype (tomzorz at outlook dot com) or mail (me at tomzorz dot me). The first address is also my main Microsoft account.


Hello! My name is Tamás Deme, and I'm a developer who's currently immersed in the world of Emerging Experiences, such as MR (Microsoft's HoloLens) and VR (HTC & Valve's Vive). Currently I work as a senior developer at 360world Europe Ltd., luckily exactly in the area I mentioned earlier while certainly also focusing on the UWP platform's ins and outs as well. I've been an avid UI/UX enthusiast for a long time, and also a Microsoft MVP for three years in a row now.