Curriculum Vitae


🏢 Contenda 2022-04 - ongoing

Engineering Lead leading Contenda's engineering efforts building out both our platform and our team

🔗 Visit the website of Contenda.

🏢 VIM 2019-06 - 2022-03

Mixed Reality Engineer working on next generation real-time immersive technology for AEC industry

Worked on the company's Magic Leap client application in Unity: built the new Portal/API integration; refactored and separated view and business logic concerns into reusable and testable parts.
Co-built and architected the first iteration of the client portal backend in ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework. Rolled out the portal infrastructure in Azure using App Service, Key Vault and Azure Pipelines CI. Researched the optimal payment service for the client Portal.
Built and rolled out a real-time collaboration environment using ASP.NET Core and SignalR in Azure App Service, including performance and cost analysis of various cloud solutions.
Developed major features in the MVVM WPF-Vulkan Desktop client application, including: a heavily customized treeview supporting 100k+ items with synced multi-selection and inherited properties that travel the tree up-down; out-of-box experience; and the WPF client side of the collaboration platform.
Led the efforts for better monitoring and logging, evangelized structured logging using Serilog and Seq; usage of these solutions has significantly reduced the time spent debugging.
Contributed various improvements and fixes to the core VIM platform.
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🏢 360world Europe 2016-06 - 2019-05

Senior Developer working on various Emerging Experiences projects

Architected and developed a complex air traffic management solution that supported various virtual and augmented reality devices; cameras and input data streams; with real-time updates and tracking keeping the virtual and real world in sync.
Implemented support for multiple complex air traffic control data streams, such as ASTERIX Cat 11, AIXM or ADS-B.
Built solely or with a team multiple HoloLens applications using Unity3D.
Researched and built various solutions for shared spatial environments in augmented and mixed reality.
Architected, and developed significant backend and hardware integration parts of our in-vehicle head tracking solution; (to my knowledge) still the only solution in the world that's capable of world-synced head-tracking with such precision in an airplane, using just cameras, an HMD, an AHRS and a PC. Researched UI solutions for displaying relatively gigantic features inside head mounted displays with very limited screen areas to work with.
🔗 Visit the website of 360world.

🏢 Lufthansa Systems (Hungary) 2014-07 - 2016-06

Windows Platform Specialist (outsourced) working on mCabin

Led a 4 person team in the development of mCabin - a Windows 8 Universal MVVM app. Taught / mentored my colleagues unfamiliar with the platform in Windows development.
Built scalable components for multiple screen sizes, a complex data sync model with offline support, and other challenging features.
🔗 Visit the website of Lufthansa Systems. 🔗 Visit the website of mCabin. 🔗 Download the mCabin demo app from the Microsoft Store.

🏢 ITware 2013-08 - 2016-06

Windows App Architect working on several Windows 8 and Windows Phone projects

Architected and led a 3-5 person team in the development of a large Windows 8.1 CRM application with dynamic layouting and complex controls, e.g., calendar.
Built a Windows Universal app client for APPaware (a wysiwyg app editor) and the FLEETware (fleet tracking) Windows Phone client.
🔗 Visit the website of ITware.

🏢 Carnation Group (known today as POSSIBLE CEE) 2012-08 - 2012-12

Windows 8 application development working on the Windows 8 version of QRHacker

Built native Windows 8 version of QRHacker, for building highly customized QR codes.
🔗 Visit the website of POSSIBLE.

🏢 Budapest Riddle 2012-06 - 2012-07

Founder, web developer and questmaker making geocaching meets ARG happen quicker than you can say geocaching meets ARG

BudapestRiddle is a fun adventure in the heart of Hungary. It combines riddles and puzzles with GPS based treasure hunting, forcing its players to visit museums and other sights around the city. The first game was in August of 2012, and was organized in 2 weeks by a group of 3 people. From the ~50 players in 13 teams, 3 succeeded in finishing the game.

🏢, WPPortá 2011-01 - 2015-03

Owner and editor-in-chief of the leader hungarian Windows Phone news site, member of SmartEast

I wrote over a 1000 articles and reviews during WPPortál's life, once even breaking the news of the WP8.0 leaks and gaining worldwide recognition. In total I drove our efforts to achieve over 350 thousand unique visitors and gain almost 4 million pageviews.
🔗 Visit WPPortál (archived).

🏢 Freelancing 2010-08 - ongoing

A large variety of tasks, including but not limited to developed apps - both internal and public; built dynamic and static websites; did UI/UX design; interviewed developers

🏢 Open Source & Community Efforts 2014 - ongoing

Writer; Contributor / Maintainer of various open source projects, both personal and 3rd party

Contributed improvements and features at various Windows Development projects, such as Windows Community Toolkit and PRISM.
Developed an assortment of .net and Windows tools, libraries and prototypes.
Wrote several technical and analysis articles in the Windows development and Mixed Reality space; with 2 featured in the Stack Overflow newsletter.
Reverse engineered various software / hardware protocols and reimplemented them, e.g., Unity Network Discovery, infrared AC unit controls.
Helped organize and staff the first CEE HoloLens hackathon while at 360world.
Built PugetSound, an ASP.NET Core + SignalR web app that lets people enjoy music together using Spotify.
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🏫 Budapest University of Technology and Economics

2011 - (unfinished)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Computer Science BSc

🏫 Lehel Vezér Secondary Grammar School

2003 - 2011

8 year structure


🌍 Hungarian

Native language.

🌍 English

Advanced level (C-type) language exam, complete written and conversational fluency.

Skills & Buzzwords

Things are only mentioned once (usually in the category where I was first introduced to that particular technology). I'm motivated to learn more and more to solve the tasks I need to solve.

⚡ Mixed Reality

Unity Blender basics HoloLens networking SignalR (original and Core) ASP.NET (original and Core) network discovery shared spatial environments Vuforia

⚡ Windows Development

C# XAML Visual Studio TFS Silverlight WinRT Expression Blend UWP Composition MVVM DI architectural patterns .NET CORE .NET Standard nuget

⚡ Web development and sitebuilding

HTML rendering engine quirks CSS JavaScript jQuery PHP MySQL markdown CMS Drupal module development APIs Git SVN Sublime Text SLIM framework VPS Debian LAMP stack nginx SSH SCP Fiddler Wireshark AWS basics Azure App Services Twilio mustache

⚡ Media and Design (Web, UI / UX and others)

Photoshop Illustrator basics pixel-perfection VR-AR-MR best practices usability Audacity Vegas After Effects ffmpeg Affinity Photo

⚡ Everything else

planning documentation management interviewing batch processing C C++ Hyper-V VMWare Office suite terms and tech behind aviation and air traffic management Office 365 ops Azure ops Cortana home automation WSL open source Github social media

Honors & Awards

🏅 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, 2020-2021 - Windows Development

🔗 Visit my MVP profile at the Microsoft MVPs site. 🔗 Read more about the MVP award here.

🏅 Cloudinary Media Developer Expert (MDE), 2020

🔗 Read more about the MDE program here.

🏅 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, 2019-2020 - Windows Development

🏅 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, 2018-2019 - Windows Development

🏅 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, 2017 & 2017-2018 - Windows Development

🏅 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, 2016 - Windows Development

🏅 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, 2015 - Windows Phone Consumer

🏅 WP App Awards 2012 - Best Productivity App

Zero for Windows Phone.