Things I made

These are the non-work related things I made or had a major contribution to.

Featured open source projects

To see all my projects and contributions, visit my github.

🛠 PugetSound

PugetSound allows you and your group to enjoy music together using Spotify 🔗 See it on github

🛠 Sodalite

Sodalite is a theme for the Obsidian note taking software 🔗 See it on github

🛠 Obsidian Link Archive

Archives links in your note so they're available to you even if the original site goes down or gets removed 🔗 See it on github

🛠 PasteHere

PasteHere is a tool that helps you paste an image or text from your clipboard as a file 🔗 See it on github

🛠 Finch

A .net core library for nice console UI 🔗 See it on github

🛠 awesome-mixedreality

Awesome Windows Mixed Reality libs 🔗 See it on github

🛠 awesome-uwp

Awesome UWP libs 🔗 See it on github

🛠 lastpage

A .net core static website generator, used to make this very website! 🔗 See it on github

🛠 toitnups

Tool for Unity NuGet packages 🔗 See it on github

🛠 maldives

MAgic Leap Deploy uI Very Smoothly 🔗 See it on github

🛠 NorthernLights

A .NET Standard library to control Nanoleaf panels 🔗 See it on github

🛠 alman

apple manager 🔗 See it on github

🛠 dncll

.net core license lister 🔗 See it on github

🛠 WhoseEndpointIsItAnyway

A tiny .net standard library to help you find your friendly neighborhood endpoint in the sea of vEthernets and npcap loopback points 🔗 See it on github

Featured personal / closed-source / proprietary projects

👻 Nothing to see here at the moment... There are plenty of old things but nothing really representative of what I do today. My Obsidian is full of ideas though :)

Sillyness central

I sometimes put major efforts into jokes. See "Everything Else" in the 👈 menu for more.