This is everything else that didn't fit on the other pages.

This is the fun-vee, so take things with a grain of salt.

The Novelty Web

There've been a few times when I put probably way too much effort to make a point, or joke. A few documented instances follow.

🎈 That time when I was annoyed with someone who said "one sec" too often

For my readers not fluent in Hungarian: "pillanat" means "one moment" and "letelt" means "elapsed". With that in mind, I present:

🎈 That time when I made a working automated phone support line for a joke

What do I do when two famous streamers roleplay phone support line voice lines? I make it real. Learning a bit of Twilio, and making a practical joke for 2000 people investing $24 and a few hours? #TotallyWorthIt

Here's the moment when they try it out during the stream. (And a mirror, in case Twitch were to remove the original.)


Partly influenced by Rule 3 below, I started making this list a while back.

Total experience count: 430 XP. But just like in Whose Line Is It Anyway? the points don't matter.

🌟 See your own app being used by a stranger in public 50 XP

Under 10k downloads. It was totally unexpected. But it's a good feeling.

🌟 See your own app on a torrent site 50 XP

This was unexpected as well, especially that this was a smaller app. I did ask them in the comments to buy me a drink if we ever meet. (That's going to be an another 200 XP, at least.)

🌟 Own something before anyone else in your country 50 XP

#1 Microsoft Band in Hungary.

🌟 Visit as many countries in the world as you can 10 XP / country, 300 XP

The plan is to keep the expression 'my age < countries I visited' evaluate to true at all times.


The idea came from the movie Zombieland (you should watch it, it's fun) and from the famous rules of the internet. This is my own set that I like (observe that I didn't say 'live by'). Before anyone points it out, I know most of it is not my own. Look for the * at points that are occasionally debatable.

  1. Never show emotions *
  2. Act like you've been there
  3. Enjoy the small things
  4. Trust no one *
  5. Observe!
  6. Analyze!
  7. All guns are loaded
  8. Always know your way out
  9. Act without warning *
  10. Truth prevails
  11. Fail harder
  12. Stay up late
  13. Make and build
  14. Get shit done
  15. Think wrong
  16. In hack we trust
  17. Zeroes are weird
  18. Infinites too, but not that much
  19. Never lie to the internet
  20. Never lie to your doctor
  21. Don't stand in the doorway
  22. The largest obstacle at any open door is two polite people
  23. Invest in great luggage
  24. Always buy the most expensive towels / tissues / toilet paper / etc...
  25. Carry the following if possible at all times: ethernet cable, pendrive, swiss army knife, flashlight, tissues and pens
  26. Know your paradoxes