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Hello! My name is Tamás Deme, and I'm a developer who's currently immersed in the world of Emerging Experiences, such as MR (Microsoft's HoloLens) and VR (HTC & Valve's Vive). Currently I work as a senior developer at 360world Ltd., luckily exactly in the area I mentioned earlier while certainly also focusing on the UWP platform's ins and outs as well. I've been an avid UI/UX enthusiast for a long time, and also a Microsoft MVP for three years in a row now.
My other work-related interests are: AI & the control problem, home automation and futurism in general.


360world Europe Ltd. 2016-06 - ongoing

Senior Developer working on various Emerging Experiences projects
As one of the company's senior developers I'm working on most of the r&d and projects happening there, although certainly focusing my skills on the UWP and enterprise side of things as that's the world I'm coming from.

Lufthansa Systems - Hungary 2014-07 - 2016-06

Windows Platform Specialist working on mCabin (demo app here)
As the platform expert, my work is to oversee the actual solutions and to teach my colleagues the art of Windows development while I'm a developer on the project as well. In this major project, we encountered several challenging tasks, ranging from advanced data sync to advanced custom controls. This project is luckily developed with good UI / UX in mind, so we have the responsibility of that as well.

ITWare 2013-08 - 2016-06

Windows app architect several Windows 8 and Windows Phone projects
Some not NDA breaking description: Architecture of a large (over 85k LOC currently) MVVM based Windows 8.1 application. Custom built programmatical layout building with support for dynamic module placement and VM reuse. Creation of a calendar UserControl with week and day view from scratch. (With handling of any number of appointments of any length, group based event highlighting, interaction handling not just on appointment elements, but on empty surfaces too.) The project also gave me lots of experience with WinRT specific issues, handling memory leaks in a XAML based environment and creating custom interactive controls from scratch.
Sole developer of a universal app client (Windows and Windows Phone) for APPaware. The APPaware app creation platform is a wysisyg app editor in a browser. It can create apps described in json, and the client apps on the 3 leading platforms render these as native apps.
Sole developer of the FLEETware Windows Phone client.

freelancing 2010-08 - ongoing

Windows Phone application development
Zero, Pip-Toy 3000, WPPortál and some more...
Web development and design
WPPortál, CE-Aviation, Jávorkút Üdülőegyüttes, Gyerekorizni and some more...
Windows 8.X application development
To My Phone, a larger print magazine's app (specifics under NDA) and some more...

Carnation Group 2012-08 - 2012-12

Windows 8 application development (internship): QRHacker for Windows 8
QRHacker is a service that allows you to create snazzy, highly customized QR codes with ease.
The options you have to draw pixel-by-pixel, set the roundness of the codes’ pixels, add background and foreground images and logos and the like without things getting garish takes this way above the average QR code generator.
Visit the website of Carnation.

BudapestRiddle 2012-06 - 2012-07

Founder, web developer and questmaker.
BudapestRiddle is a fun adventure in the heart of Hungary. It combines riddles and puzzles with GPS based treasure hunting, forcing its players to visit museums and other sights around the city. The first game in 2012 august was organized in 2 weeks by a group of 3 people. From the ~50 players in 13 teams, 3 succeeded in finishing the game.
The next game is currently being organized, and it'll begin this summer.
Click here to visit the website. (Hungarian)

WPPortál 2011-01 - 2015-03

owner and editor-in-chief
Leader hungarian Windows Phone news site. Member of SmartEast.
Visit the website. (Hungarian)


I sometimes work with a local sound and light technician crew. Throughout the years this gave me some expertise in the field.


Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Computer Science
2011 -> (in progress)

Lehel Vezér Secondary Grammar School

2003 -> 2011

Language skills


Native language.


Advanced level (C-type) language exam, complete written and conversational fluency.

Skills and buzzwords

Mixed Reality

C#, Unity, Blender basics, HoloLens, networking, SignalR, enterprise middleware

Windows Phone & Windows 8 UWP application development

C#, XAML, Visual Studio, TFS, Silverlight, WinRT, Expression Blend, UWP, Composition, MVVM, DI, application architecture

design (web, UI/UX and whatever I have to do)

Photoshop, Illustrator basics, pixel-perfection, VR-AR-MR best practices, usability

web development & sitebuilding

HTML, HTML5, rendering engine quirks, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, markdown, CMS, Drupal, module development, APIs, Git, SVN, Sublime Text, SLIM framework

everything else

VPS, Debian, LAMP stack, nginx, SSH, SCP / Fiddler, Wireshark / batch processing / C, C++ / Hyper-V, VMWare / Audacity, Vegas, After Effects, ffmpeg / Vivaldi / Office stuff / terms and tech behind aviation and air traffic management


WP7.HU 1st birthday event

History and future of Windows Phone - Audience: 50 - 2011-10

Athena School

Introduction to Windows Phone development - Audience: 60 - 2012-11

Telenor Android vs. Windows Phone Workshop

Debate: What is the best mobile platform? (representing Windows Phone) - Audience: 300 - 2012-10 - Visit the facebook event.

Telenor Okostelefon Akadémia I.

WPPortál, our last year - Audience: 40 - 2013-03 - Visit the facebook app.

Telenor Okostelefon Akadémia II.

History of mapping services and softwares - Audience: 300 - 2013-05 - Visit the facebook event.

Roundtable after the BUILD// 2015 live stream watching event at BUTE

Moderated roundtable with 5 Microsoft experts - Audience: 100 - 2015-05 - Visit the event site.

Enterprise Developer Meetup

Intro to Windows.UI.Composition - Audience: 40 - 2016-02 - Visit the event site.

Roundtable after the BUILD// 2016 live stream watching event at BUTE

Moderated roundtable with 7 Microsoft experts - Audience: 100 - 2016-03 - Visit the event site.

Mobil Weekend 2016

"Don't hurt the inner ear!", and other useful suggestions for the people arriving into the world of VR/MR - Audience: 100 - 2016-09 - Visit the event site.

AR/VR Meetup Budapest

"Don't hurt the inner ear!", and other useful suggestions for the people arriving into the world of VR/MR - Audience: 73 - 2017-03 - Visit the event site.

Honors and awards